1. You must be over 18.  ID's will be checked.

2. If you are instructed to do certain actions, you must do exactly as you're told. 

3. There is no speaking inside unless you are instructed to do so. 

4. Do not ever touch anyone you encounter unless instructed to do so.

5. Do not ever touch props or scenery unless instructed to do so.

6. Do not compromise the experience for future patrons by sharing spoilers either online or in person.

7. If you have an emergency or simply want the experience to stop and need to be escorted out, please yell the safety word that will be provided to you. Once you call the safety word there are no refunds and there are no options but to leave.

· All patrons are required to read the rules and sign the waiver before entering. This is not optional. If there are rules that you do not follow, you will be given a reminder of the rules. If rules are still not followed, you will be escorted out and there are no refunds.

· The Fear Experiment reserves to the right to deny admission to any person for any reason at any time.

What to expect

Here is the list of things you will encounter in Nightmare.  

Be Prepared.

* Aggression

* Claustrophobia 

* Clothing removal (You will be required to wear well-fitting underwear. Outer clothing will be removed.)

* Crawling

* Fog 

* Food products 

* Loud noises 

* Nudity 

* Restraint 

* Touching 

* Water