About Us


Who We Are

We are The Company.  Our current show is in Danville, IL.  We have found that smaller markets are in desperate need of our unique experience.  


What We Do

Fear is an integral part of life. It is built into us to be afraid of something we believe to be dangerous. It is part of the reason our species was able to evolve and flourish. But just as it helps us, it can be our biggest obstacle. We fence ourselves in, create a comfort zone, because a comfort zone is safe. Because of this, we miss out on some of life’s greatest opportunities. Most things worth having live outside our comfort zone, on the other side of fear.

This is what we do. We provide you with that environment to face fear. We provide you with a theatrical playground to allow you to see that you're stronger than you think you are. The soul longs for adventure. It longs for the thrill of truly being alive. It longs for real connection. It longs for the challenge of facing the unknown and conquering it.

We are here to liberate you from your fear. To liberate you from the banality of life. To allow you to push your limits. It is to give you an experience to test yourself and see what you’re really made of. Fear is the only path to knowing oneself.

You will never be harmed. You will never be unsafe. You will, however, find out who you really are. 


What To Expect

You must be 18+ .  

You must sign a waiver. 

You will encounter Physical Contact, Discomfort, Aggression & Nudity. 

There is a Safe Word.