Questions from actual patrons...

Is this a year round event or just for Halloween?

We currently offer a traditional Halloween season and an off season experience. Keep checking for new events.

Do you have to do it alone or can you do couples experience? 

It depends on the show.

It says extreme physical contact; are you literally beating and injuring people? 

You will be handled aggressively, but you will never be harmed.

It says sexual undertones; is that just nudity or everything short of actual sexual assault? 

You will encounter nudity and sexual scenarios, but you will never be touched in an inappropriate manner.

What is the normal time to complete?

The standard experience lasts about 45 minutes.

Is this something that must be finished, so to say? 

No. We have a safe word. If the experience becomes too intense, you can use the word and the experience will stop immediately.

Will you be forced to eat anything? 

Potentially.  We are respectful of any allergies, though.

Someone said that there are spiders and snakes put on you? Is this true?

No. There are no spiders or snakes involved.

Is it a building or location that you go to or is it a situation where there is a pickup spot and you are then transported to another location? 

Currently, it is a situation where there is a pickup spot and you are transported to another location.

What kind of clothing should be worn and what should be avoided?

Is it highly recommended to wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty, stained or destroyed.

What does the fear experiment consist of?  Is it just boring things like spiders and clowns etc or is it actually scary?

We are not a "haunted house". This is a journey of the body and the mind. No boring spiders or clowns are involved. And, yes, it is terrifying.

Where is the Danville location and is it by appointment only or what?

The actual location is confidential and it is by appointment only.

Is payment due at registration or upon delivery, and what types of payment do you accept? 

Payment is due prior to the experience. We accept all major credit cards.